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Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Join us on Friday, February 17 at 5:30 PM!  

Our Blue Skies and Tailwinds Fundraiser and Celebration is an opportunity for our community to grow further and fly higher! Get ready to hear inspirational stories, connect with industry leaders in STEAM, and interact with students and alumni from Airway Science for Kids! Our evening event will include heavy apps and wine and beer!

Learn more and purchase tickets at:

Airway Science for Kids, Inc. (ASK) is a nonprofit with a mission to remove barriers for children and youth who have been systematically excluded from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education and careers. Founded as a nonprofit in 1992, ASK engages youth of color and youth who are living on low-incomes in unique opportunities to learn about STEAM through the exciting world of flight. Our founder, Bob Strickland, was a leader in Portland’s African American community who saw aeronautics as a tool to capture the imaginations of youth at critical ages and transitions.

Today, ASK’s mission is to create equity through aviation STEAM education. We draw strength from our unique approach to closing the opportunity gap for historically underserved children in the fields of aeronautics and STEAM, from our strong base of community support, and from our culturally responsive board and staff.

ASK provides….

  • Programs to kids who typically don’t participate in STEAM education, such as kids of color, kids living on low-incomes, girls, and other kids who may face barriers; where all kids are welcome.

  • Age-appropriate programs at the elementary, middle-school, and high-school levels.

  • An opportunity for high school students to build a real plane.

  • Our curriculum and technical assistance to groups around the country and the world who are offering aviation STEAM education to kids.

ASK serves youth ages 10-21 in acquiring the fundamentals of aviation and aerodynamics and the applied mathematics and engineering that drive them. While open to all youth, ASK strives to increase STEAM exposure to low income and youth of color. 


What's the latest from Airway Science?

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