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(Aerospace College & Career Exploration and Selection System)

Ages 14-21

Aerospace College and Career Exploration and Selection System (ACCESS) is our program for teens and young adults ages 14-21.

Using our Explore Aerospace series topics, we provide an introduction to our six core topics: Aeronautics, Airframe-Powerplant & Avionics, Solar System, Commercial Space Travel, Drones, and Robotics.

This 10 hour program features 8 meetings each week to connect with industry professionals, as well as a weekly 30 minute check in with a Student Success Coordinator. We are seeking interested students, both those new to Airway Science and those that have participated in other programs with us.

We'll have speakers, explore concepts we discuss on Kerbal Space Program, and provide an opportunity to try your skills at drones, flight simulators, robotics, and more! Students who complete the program will receive an invitation to our Phase II programs.

Can't make it for the current cohort? ACCESS runs in 8 week cohorts so be sure to apply for the next series.

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Apply for the current ACCESS cohort below

Already completed ACCESS? Click here to learn more about Ground School

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