Aerospace Training Center (ATC)

The Aerospace Training Center, or ATC, is located at 3710 N Mississippi Ave in the former Albina Youth Opportunity School. Flight simulators, a 3D printer setup, and drone obstacle courses are a few of the exciting new developments at our home base.

A continued mission of STEAM opportunity for youth and Aviation outreach for the broader community have bloomed with colorful murals and a growing collection of equipment and resources.


Explore Aerospace

Join us for community events. 

Open to all ages., ASK hosts open house nights and events to maintain connection with our community and share our passion for aerospace. Browse through our library, test out your skills on flight simulators or in Kerbal Space program, or take a look at our branching career trees and find your new passion (and how to get there).


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STEAM Camps and Classes

Currently available at our building in Portland we learn about aviation through hands-on explorations and experience flight with X Plane Flight Simulators. Launch your curiosity about space missions with Kerbal Space Program, where you’ll learn about the principles of space travel and experiment with building your own mission and craft. Or try your hand at Robotics in the VEX IQ Challenge, teams of students design and build a robot to participate in a wide variety of live and virtual game-based engineering challenges. 



The Aerospace College and Career Exploration and Selection System (ACCESS) is our program for teens and young adults ages 14-21. Using our Explore Aerospace series topics, we provide an introduction to our six core topics: Aeronautics, Airframe & Powerplant, Solar System, Commercial Space Travel, Drones and Robotics.