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Instructor (Part-time)

At Airway Science for Kids (ASK) we’re all about kids, aviation, space, drones, robotics, and 3D

Our goal is to introduce children from historically underserved communities to a potential
future in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) in ways that are not
only accessible but also fun. Right now that means flying drones, playing Kerbal Space Program,
using flight simulators, building and programming robots, building planes (both paper and full
sized), and more. We want to create a world where kids can see themselves in role models
with similar backgrounds, interests, and experiences as them, and to do that we have to start
with us. 

The Instructor will engage with and teach our students STEAM related concepts, manage class
sessions safely, and encourage students to use their creativity to problem solve.

We are currently seeking an Instructor (Part-time) for the following locations:

  • Portland, Oregon: Aerospace Training Center

  • Vancouver, Washington: The Hangar at Pearson Field


Position Requirements


  • Minimum 1 year experience working in after school programs instructing youth, and/or current college students focused on Education or STEAM majors preferred

  • Passion for encouraging young people in the field of aviation, science, mathematics and/or engineering

  • Criminal background check required, per state and local regulations

  • Experience in STEAM or aviation is a plus, but not required!

We offer


  • $17 to $20 per hour, commensurate with experience

  • Part-time, approximately 20 hours per week: Workweek is Tuesday through Saturday, with some work in the evenings and on holidays required

  • This is an in-person position, and works on-site at the designated location

  • The opportunity to share STEAM education with youth in underserved communities!

Position Overview:

The is a part time Instructor role serving ASK’s Education programming during after school programs,
outreach, events, and Open Saturdays. This position is responsible for the instruction and
supervision of students that shall include individual skill development, expansion of knowledge and
ability to reason. Supervision of students shall include guidance, development and safety. The
workweek includes Tuesday through Friday with night, weekend, and holidays as required;
Attendance at ASK and community events required; Occasional travel and off-site work required for
meetings, public speaking, outreach programs, and other ASK-related activities.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Additional Qualifications and Experience:


  • Knowledge and skills in the related special programming field (science, technology, engineering, art, or math) preferred

  • College Math 65 (currently taking or have taken)

  • Effective classroom management skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal presentation skills.

  • Enthusiasm for working with youth of various social, education and economic levels.

  • Ability to garner students’ interest and accountability regarding classroom participation and

  • expectation

  • Summer Camp counselor experience a plus, but not required

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the ASK Education Director, ASK Instructors support the planning and
execution of ASK Programs, which are designed for students 6 – 19 years old to spark interest in
science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) careers. Hands-on project based
learning encourages students to explore and have fun while mastering challenging concepts in
aviation, airway sciences, aeronautics, and flight simulations through simulator software. In addition
to creating an engaging learning environment, an Instructor is in charge of continuously supervising
students, leading projects and activities, and maintaining a safe atmosphere while on duty.


TakeFlight Program:

Targets elementary age youth at schools and afterschool programs in the N/NE
Portland, Hillsboro and Vancouver communities. Utilizing science, technology, engineering, art, and

mathematics (STEAM) curricula, aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, the mobile units
will provide a series of engineering and aeronautics lessons (with connections to science, technology
and mathematics) that are fun and engaging while inspiring positive STEAM experiences with youth
at an early age with the goal of motivating them to persist in STEAM related activities and classes.

In-Flight Program:

Classes operate currently at ASK’s Aerospace Training Center on N. Mississippi
Ave. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ skills in science, technology, engineering, art,
and mathematics (STEAM). The program involves lessons in airway sciences and connections to
STEAM, flight simulation tutorials, academic, career and higher education awareness, informal
mentoring between instructors and students, leadership and citizen skills lessons and a culminating
flight in a private plane.

POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE (PQ), Training & Participation
Every staff member at Airway Science is required to go through Positive Intelligence (PQ)
training, consisting of participating in a bi-weekly pod meeting. At Airway Science you will learn
about the most recent research on neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change even in
adulthood— this reveals that as you develop new habits, you rewire the brain. Engaging in one
brief positive exercise every day for as little as three weeks can have a lasting impact. Research-
based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages
you. This type of mental fitness allows you to handle life’s challenges with a more positive
mindset, and less stress. It will also prevent compassion burnout which is common in the non-
profit environment.

How to apply

To be considered for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to
Please include the job title in the subject line of your email.

Airway Science for Kids is an equal opportunity employer. BIPoC and individuals typically
underrepresented in the STEAM industries are encouraged to apply.

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