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Virtual Field Trips

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Virtual Field Trips are interactive, educational live broadcasts, where viewers are able to experience a variety of locations and events from around the world

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Ages 7-10


Students use hands-on activities to learn about our six badge topics. How can you participate?

Students at our partner sites in Portland receive a Badge in a Box that holds all the supplies they need to complete each badge, along with the handouts they follow and access to online instructors to guide them through activities.

Everyone can participate virtually! Follow this link (coming soon) to the Badge in a Box page and you’ll find supply lists, pdfs of handouts (and an instructor guide for advanced learning) and the videos of our instructors guiding you through each badge. When students complete badges they receive access to additional programs so they can continue to Explore Aerospace.




Ages 11-13

This program for middle school students and instead of kits with activities, we use Kerbal Space Program, simulators and other build projects to Explore Aerospace. How can you participate?

Currently available at our building in Portland we learn about aviation through hands-on explorations and experience flight with X Plane Flight Simulators. You even have a chance to take a flight (and take the controls!) with our volunteer pilots.

Launch your curiosity about space missions with Kerbal Space Program, where you’ll learn about the principles of space travel and experiment with building your own mission and craft. Or try your hand at Robotics in the VEX IQ Challenge, teams of students design and build a robot to participate in a wide variety of live and virtual game-based engineering challenges. Interested in Electric Aircraft? Then the EPIC Challenge is for you! In the Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC), a team of middle school students design, build and fly an aircraft that will successfully carry out a specific task.




Ages 14-18


In the Teenflight program, students work together to build a two-seat RV-12 aircraft under the guidance of a team of Mentors. This project requires a two year commitment of every Saturday during the school year, from 9am to 3pm. During this program, students will take part in hands-on project based learning and developing both technical and interpersonal skills. 

Our TeenFlight 8 Plane build began on October 4, 2021 plans to start the ninth in spring of 2023. 

Applications are currently open for our next Teenflight plane build.

Application deadline To Be Announced

Want to learn more about TeenFlight? Visit our YouTube channel


Ages 14-21


IMG_1551 (1).JPG

The Aerospace College and Career Exploration and Selection System (ACCESS) is our program for teens and young adults ages 14-21. Using our Explore Aerospace series topics, we provide an introduction to our six core topics: Aeronautics, Airframe & Powerplant, Solar System, Commercial Space Travel, Drones and Robotics. 

ACCESS Phase I is a 10 hour self-guided introduction in to careers in Aviation, Drones, Robotics, Commercial Space, and the Solar System. Over the course of 3 months we also meet in person 3 times to hear from industry professionals about their careers.


ACCESS provides informal Career & Technical Education (CTE) through our applied engineering curriculum that includes developing skills that are universally applicable across multiple trades, such as learning to read plans, riveting, measuring, fitting, electrical systems, engine systems, etc. Our structure is intended to prepare the whole student for a career, focusing on soft skills that are necessary for most careers regardless of industry. In addition, our locations and business partners integrate into our program the opportunity for on-the-job exposure to all aspects of the Aerospace Industry. Our program introduces students to a wide range of skills and competencies both specific to the industry and generalized for success in any field, equipping them for continued education toward a well-paying, self-sustaining career.


Interested in joining ACCESS? If you are a high school student or freshman in college, please fill out an application here and we will notify you when our next 10 week program will begin. We hope you join us! 

Our October Cohort is full.

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Have you completed ACCESS Phase I or are you participating in TeenFlight? If so, you are eligible for ACCESS Phase II.

This program will be held onsite at our Aerospace Training Center in Portland, OR on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5-7pm and will run for at least 10 weeks. An introductory course will be held on Wednesday October 12.

To qualify students must be:

  • At least 15 years of age by Oct 12

  • Must have already taken first Young Eagles Flight (contact Julia@airsci.org if you have not been able to schedule Young Eagles Flight yet)

  • Able to attend classes 3 times a week (remote accommodations will be available)

  • Commit to at least 10 weeks of courses

ACCESS Phase II is limited to 10 participants.

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Interested in joining an ASK Robotics or Plane build team? 

Middle School Students in Portland and Hillsboro will be eligible for different competitive teams sponsored by ASK. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more!


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"He loved the flight simulators 
but the best was being able to go up and fly in a Cessna."

"They loved the opportunity to apply their learning to real life experience with flying in the eagles program."

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"[ASK] is offering a great

learning experience at

no cost, amazing!"

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"Thank you for the amazing
programming and community building!"

"He loved making the rocket and working as a group!"