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Summer Camps

Join us this summer for an exciting new round of STEAM summer day camps for all ages. This year's format focuses primarily on the principles of flight and accessibility for youth of all ages.

Camps will be divided by age groups and take place at our Aerospace Training Center (Portland, OR), Pearson Field Education Center (Vancouver, WA), and partner locations (Hillsboro, WA) each week. Each camp will repeat once at every location.

6 weeks of summer camps, 3 cities, and an entire sky to explore.

Registration opening soon

Foundations of Flight 

ages 7-10


Come learn, create, and play through hands-on experiments exploring Newton's Laws and Bernoulli's Principle. Learn about air and atmosphere while engineering functional gadgets. Soar through this STEAM camp by applying your knowledge of aviation principals to create wind and art, along with stunning STEAM-inspired masterpieces.

Flight is Fun

ages 11-13


Let's have some fun with flight! Join the millions of people who love to make things fly. Campers experiment with air, methods of lift, engineering, and how weight affects flight. Build and design kites, gliders, and rockets. This camp includes a discovery flight with a certified flight instructor. 

Your Future in Flight

ages 14-16

IMG_4488 (1).jpg

Explore your future in aviation. Start the week with Ground School 101 where you will learn about the principles and practice of flight. Enjoy exclusive tours of local businesses and educational institutions where you can pursue your own path to a career in science or aviation. The camp concludes with a Discovery Flight with a certified flight instructor.

Can't attend summer camp this year?

Check out our collection of virtual and DIY STEAM activities that can be done any time of year with minimal preparation.


You can also make time for a quick Virtual Field Trip! Explore the the world famous Spruce Goose at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, take a tour of the Saturn V rocket at Kennedy Space Center, or walk through the only guided missile submarine open to the public, the USS Growler, all from the comfort of your own home. 


Explore our playlist here:

What's a Virtual Field Trip? Well, you can read about them at or...   

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